Thu 7 December 2017 | 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS


Welcome, we at “Shevet” believe that Metal music is a uniting factor all around the world. Each of us remembers what was that metal song that he first heard, what was the first metal album he or she played back to back, and all those moments in nostalgic concerts that right in the middle of headbanging or moshing we realised that this music is part of us as much as we are part of it.

We are having the Rites Of Passage concert with a band from Greece to prove this exact point. All around the world people grew on Iron Maiden or Amon Amarth. They too expirienced what it feels like to listen to Metallica or Pantera for the first time. So you are more than welcome to help us raise a new generation of metalheads, and introduce as many metalheads as possible from all ages to come and celebrate this metal ceremony with us – in order to prove that today’s scene is as much as powerful and awesome as what nostalgia tells you about what the scene used to be in the past.

Doors Open: 18:30 / First show: 19:00
Pre-sale price: 60 NIS / at the box: 80 NIS

So in order to make you feel familiar with the bands we’re having, here’s a small description for each band participating:

Prey For Nothing:
The flag-bearer of Israeli Tech-Death Metal that combines Melodic and Progressive metal in their music – Prey For Nothing are hard at work on their 4th album and with the intent to prove that even after 10 years of activities, tours and shows along side with giant legends (Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Aborted and more) they are still hard-hitting metal monsters.

Eternal Struggle:
The hardcore/metal band from Kfar-Saba/Tel Aviv has already supported huge metal and hardcore artists (such as Deez Nuts, Atari Teenage Riot, Turnstile and more) and represented Israel in the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany this year alone! today the band is hard working on their new album so maybe, just maybe, you’ll have new song first preformed live.

This Thrash Metal band from Athene, Greece, might not be as old as other bands here but they already managed to represent their country, the home of Ouzo and Yassou, in the Wacken Metal Battle 2017 where they proved everyone that they are giving an insane, maddening and amazing preformance on stage that will make way older bands eat their dust. The band has released and album and are currently working on their sophomore release.

This young gang from Herztzelia has managed in their short time that they had so preform both in Israel and Cyprus, singed a record deal with European distribution and all that while playing aggressive, violent and excellent form of Thrash Metal. Now, when their second album started to take form, Sinnery proves again and again that they deserve to play with the big boys of their scene and to prove what happens when you give 4 mad dogs some speed and electric guitars.

While nobody watched them, Whitenoise are already conquering half the alternative metal world. They skillfuly meld great stage presence with metalcore, hardcore, rock’n’roll and some classic metal with the full intent to make their print upon the world of music. The Whitenoise crew works like their in the biggest league there is among the legends of hard rock history and sound like they belong there. If you didn’t had the chance to see them live in Israel or while they toured the world – now it’s you chance to expirience a definite great show.

Nothing Lies Beyond:
The openning band will be one of Israel most promising youngsters, Nothing Lies Beyond might be young by their age but they already released an awesome album, preformed as openning acts for world-wide metal legends (like Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquility and more) and made Melodic Death Metal that they forgot how to make even in Gothenburg.

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