Thu 5 October 2023 | 2:00 pm - 11:45 pm
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“The human spirit consists of the inner child that meets the adult man that he has become, the genius of humanity is to give free rein to the soul and the spirit to rise together to joy and freedom”

Dear Unity family, do you hear the repeating melody, the familiar feeling from the past?
If you also get an exciting feeling when you hear the words “We are happy to share with you” your spirit is probably thirsty for a powerful experience just like ours. So yes, dear family, we are happy to share with you that our beloved festival is returning:

RISING SPIRIT 5-6/10/2023

On the upcoming Sukkot holiday, we will all come together for 24 hours of a real psychedelic experience that will lift our spirits. We especially chose Chul HaMoed, which is the perfect time between holy and holy to reunite with our loved ones and have a bonding experience. We’ve been planning this journey for a long time and it’s building more and more tendons, step by step, vision after reality and complete faith that moves us towards the goal.

Expect spectacular spaces, maximum comfort, a particularly pampering camping area and more. At this point we are sewing the last gold finishes on this envelope of happiness called Rising Spirit. And as soon as the picture is fully completed, we will reveal to you the perfect trip between two dimensions. Yes, we can say right now that the event will take place in nature, as you understand, we do not compromise on the land that will receive us because it is a liberating experience and we do not want any barriers to that.
We have something surprising for you 😉

The musical content will be as we mentioned in two dimensions, two different and different stages that hold a wide range of styles from live to electronic that will of course be backed up by innovative sound systems that will make sure you don’t miss a single note. The full picture and it looks more amazing than ever.

Main Stage

Ace Ventura 🇨🇭
Alien Art 🇨🇭🇮🇱
Astrix 🇮🇱
Atmos 🇸🇪
Atomic Pulse 🇮🇱
Avalon 🇬🇧
BLiSS – Live Guitar 🇮🇱
Captain Hook 🇮🇱
Dvir Lahav 🇮🇱
Hujaboy 🇮🇱
Kabayun 🇺🇸
Larceuss 🇮🇱
Libra 🇮🇱
Out of Orbit – Live Show Ft. Gorovich & Sandman 🇮🇱
Reality Test 🇮🇱
Rising Dust 🇮🇱
Surprise Artist ❓
Venom 🇮🇱
Volcano on Mars 🇮🇱

Goa Stage

Anoebis 🇧🇪
Astral Projection 🇮🇱
Audiophiller 🇮🇱
Cosmosis 🇬🇧
Crop Circles 🇮🇹
Eden 🇮🇱
Etnica 🇮🇹
Event Horizon 🇮🇱
Lotus Omega 🇮🇹
Magnetic B2B Omrix 🇮🇱
New Born 🇮🇱
Quadra 🇺🇸
Subcouds 🇸🇪
Surprise Artist ❓

Picture us together, stomping on the ground, screaming to the sky with happiness, united in movement to the bass beat.

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