Thu 2 May 2019 | 11:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Gagarin Club - Derech Salame 46, Tel Aviv,

Hello friends, here it comes, a great celebration for my Lien who is celebrating two years! Just on my birthday 6.5 two years ago, I decided to have a party where I could play as many hours as I wanted without spending time, and of course without waiting to be invited to play a bd set, And lots of smiles and setbacks! Artists who are good friends who came to play with love from the heart, when they can play their favorite style and express themselves OLD SCHOOLE GOA TRANCE, for reasons I started in nature, and from there to the city, full of good energies and in one clear language!
Unfortunately this year I decided not to do in nature, until the situation calms down, but will not stop us dancing at all !! So come on, let’s celebrate my birthday and mark two years to celebrate my line-up, because without you my dear friends it would not have happened!
I would like to thank Sapir for the charming graphic! Sapir Laksman


Zada, the prodigy, a talented artist who started his way about a decade ago! For about five years, together with his partners, they formed an underground production called Fanky Kro, in a musical style of Goa, Pessie and Zeno. Zada comes to us in the beautiful and colorful undergrounds, played in large and respectable productions the special style of Goa Trance!
A great sight for Zelda, who is the key artist of the return to the source, paved his way through this blaze, captivating our hearts with the sounds, energy and special smile. Come to us for another set, do not miss !!

Dede Nachmias, one of the oldest and most prominent players in the trance industry, began to take over in 1992, when the sound of the boom began in Israel. Worked at the legendary KREMBO REC store, set up the label and distribution company M.D.M.A MUSIC, then his private label SPECTRUM, and under the same name released 3 artist albums. Dede Mikeses and edited the sixth and final part of the masterpiece “DECK WIZARDS”.
Also responsible for a series of discs such as FUTUR NAVIGATORS, PURE M.D.M.A and SPECTRUM ANALYZER
In recent years he is the rasident of the leading line-up and loved COMFORT TRANCE. Dede took part in the special festival at ZNA in Portugal, and gave an unforgettable set that made me jump out of the tent! Coming to us for a special set of Goa Festivals !! Hold on tight!

Great Julus! Is a collector of Goa music, and a variety of other styles! Holds a rare and impressive collection, specializing in Goa in general and OLD SCHOOL in particular! Began his career in 2008, enters our consciousness when it comes mainly underground, and spread its sound even in leading clubs in Israel!
Julus is the cornerstone of the RETURN TO THE SOURCE, right hand in production, give great respect to this colorful and special man, who will bring with him an excellent set as usual!

GALITA b2b ???
This time I will catch up with a special guest, a man who began his way back in the early ’90s, and stunned the world of trance in his works. A big surprise awaits us 🙂

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