Fri 26 June 2020 | 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Gronemann Cafe - Gronemann St 8, 123,

This week we’re heading “north,” past the Yarkon, to Gronemann Cafe, a local neighborhood cafe in Ramat Aviv!
We’ll be there with all our products, and you are welcome to stay, eat, drink, and do an “easy friday” at this cute cafe!

Come join us & don’t forget to bring some friends and of course some empty bottles to fill up!

Come to refill all your personal hygiene and house cleaning needs. All our products are sustainable, high quality, & local (as much as possible), without all that wasteful packaging normally involved in a trip to the grocery store 馃尶

So how does it work?

1. BYOC (bring your own container) or purchase one at our mobile refill station. Make sure to clean out and dry your container before coming to refill.
2. Refills are sold by the kilogram. We weigh your container (tare) prior to filling.
3.We will fill your container with our selection of cleaning & personal hygiene products, then weigh the container again so you are only charged for the liquid.
*1 kilogram = approx 1 liter

The prices are by weight, so that you can fill up as much or as little as you would like.


Shampoo – 21 – 500 gram
Body Soap – 21 – 500 gram
Laundry Detergent – 27 – 1 kilo
Laundry Softener – 14 – 1 kilo
Dish Soap – 13 – dish soap
Stain Remover – 27 – 1 kilo
Limescale Remover – 18 – 750 gram
All Purpose Cleaner – 24 – 1 kilo
Window Cleaner – 19 – 750 gram
Floor Cleaner – 26 – 1 kilo
Oil Stain Remover- 22 – 750 gram
Glass bottle + pump (1L) – 27
Glass bottle + pump (500ml) – 20
Glass bottle + spray (500ml) – 20
Glass bottle + pump (250) – 15

All products are natural and sourced from local & sustainable companies.
馃實 Made in Israel, good for the environment, and good for you. 馃槆
Payment by cash (preferred) or bit.

If you want to hear about our future events, make sure to follow us here or on Instagram:)

See you on Friday!馃尶

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谞讜讝诇 专爪驻讛 – 26 – 拽讬诇讜 1
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讘拽讘讜拽 讝讻讜讻讬转 注诐 讛转讝讛 (500 诪状诇)- 20
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