Sat 12 January 2019 | 1:30 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

Saturday, January 12, we return to the Block Club and invite you to a rare and close look into the world of Ninja Ravits. Few mortals who have seen so close to their mysterious world, you are the chosen ones

For this special and rare event we invited two master ninjas from a remote continent to give you another angle into the world of the ninja Ravits

🌸 Mira – Katerblau, Berlin
Fantastic Twins Live – Hippie Dance, Optimo

Eitan is deployed in the three spaces of our Ninjut club: Or Erlich,
Uri Ochasi, Omer Shaked, Omri Even Ziv, Omri Gueta, Ido Morali, Asael Weiss, Rafa Zanzuri and Ray Harel

As you are already supposed to know, we did not spare the cruise in order to convey to you the experience of the ninja, from revolutionary and precise video art, backdrops and a host of surprises that we will leave deep in forgiveness for now

Opening doors at 13:30
🌸 Up to 15:00 ticket prices will be only 60 NIS
Exit stamp from 17:00
🌸 From 15:00 ticket prices will increase to 100 NIS
🌸 From 19:00 to 120 NIS
Recommend and urge you to arrive early and remember that in the block the entrance and inspection process is complex. Getting 10-15 minutes before price rises is not recommended and you may miss the discounted price. If we reach the number of people permitted by law, we have to close the doors, precede them

🌸 Entrance from 20 years of age or older by showing ID only
🌸 Photography is not allowed in all club spaces
🌸 Club dress code: No entry with clogs or high heels
🌸 Our dress code: ninja style

About 80 members of the rabbit camp in the sand are working days and nights so that everything will be almost perfect, rely on you to complete the picture by respecting the other zero tolerance for all the harassment it is. Distractors will be removed and marked with the worst disgrace, a badge of disgrace by a ninja

Ready? The ninja Ravits are on their way

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