Sat 7 April 2018 | 1:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

Colololololololololol! Ahlan and Sahlan rabbits and rabbits

This. On Saturday, April 7th, one last production is lifted and its home raised.
For us, the rabbits start a year from the day the Midbaran ends, the next day begins, this day is very close and we are already deeply involved

The date of the event falls on the Mimouna and our earthly intention to pick up and one feast! Then take out the darbukas, put on the loudest and most festive holiday clothes and prepare to stay where the hospitality comes first, where they will show you respect and love from the entrance until you crawl home broken and satisfied

This will be our third production at the club and we have already come to know it from the inside out, and if we are already in the “outside” we are busy then spring is here and we are preparing to take full advantage of it and present the yard of the artist in all glory

We did not spare anything. The scenes and the video art are clear-eyed, uninvited breakthroughs, and even more than ever, but not only Uriah Klepter, Ray Harel, Omer and Shaked, Omri Gueta, Or Erlich, Benji, Ilya, Ido Morley, Daniel Baron and more

All you have to do is
To address you on the 7th of April and the following Sunday of any obligation you will regret and have all the rabbits and rabbits close to you do the same
To enter the Vive and the theme of the “Chapel” and arrive at your “Chapel”, after all you are as always the central setting. Without you we are nothing and as much as you can invest, so will the experience of all of us empower

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