Fri 22 March 2019 | 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm
HaMezeg - Ibn Gvirol 151, Tel Aviv,

Purim came to us for the best and the excitement at its peak,
The concept of dressing up in a combination of parties and alcohol is simply accurate,
We prepare for you three days that deal with infinite joy and love.
And this year we are turning Ibn Gabirol into Wonderland!
A call to all the hobbits, the fairies, the rabbits with the pocket watches and the strange animals – Purim has come and this is the time to be humiliated.
Will play the one and only Lior Brosh Dj
We will meet on Friday, 22 March, from 14:00.

And the confused people who love our Friday but are not completely closed What happens when, what is the connection between Purim and the ears of Haman and why there is always a ritual in the delivery of portions, here is its contents:

⚫️ 20.3 Wednesday Dj rea Levin 20:00
⚫️ 21.3 Thursday Dj Dean Reiter 20:00
⚫️ 22.3 Friday lunch 14:00 Dj Lior Brosh
⚫️ 22.3 Friday evening 21:00 Dj Garmazi

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