Wed 28 February 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Tsuzamen - Lillenblum 25, Tel Aviv,

The period that brought us Hitman 7
Disman’s big lie with shock absorber
Disk Flop (now known as a name saver)
Windhouse 95
The projector
The caps are dressed in reverse with a Nike logo in front
Oxidized stripes in the hair
Alien obsession and silver color
Clippers butterflies
Craig David
MTV Carves
And Tzipi’s pants
Coming back on Purim near Tzuzman!

what’s in plan?
A hysterical playlist of all the hits from the Nineties – from Brittany to Destiny, and all those songs you’ve forgotten they exist but somehow you know all their words by heart …
* Receive requests from the audience !! *
After the performance, there will be a Nineties party with a DJ editing on the first floor and ready to play in the Castrice Boys on demand!

What do you wear?
Overlocks and neon colors! Spice Girls costume! And in fact all that is for you – you decide!

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