Fri 13 April 2018 | 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Dear friends
What are we going to say, our box is bursting with compliments and love, you killed! And are not happy with us! You are brothers and sisters. But, by the way, you had to have at least a few paces that we could fix. How many complaints we could improve .. A few tips we could implement … And because we did not receive complaints, we started to think about what was wrong, because there is no perfect! So we went into the subtleties of subtleties and tried to figure out where we missed and what was missing in the puzzle .. It was challenging but we got on a few things and decided to polish, design, sparkle and create a new but unique experience that includes raising the volume of the madness and uniqueness of the pulse.
In our next event we decided to do something different, to go in a different direction, perhaps a bit impulsive, and to let the whole country see that Walla is not lacking talented artists who are giving in their heads and earthquakes are more powerful than many. Artists men, you will know what it will grow :).
As we can see, we thought and composed a lienup, the vast majority of which is made up of the beautiful sex (5-3).
Women’s energy has created us all for 9 months, thanks to which we are here on the ball, and on the next level we will feel it and dance in its honor.

So write in the diaries on the tables at home, on your favorite socks and especially in the heart: *** 13.4 *** Pulse and you are in a dreamy (and legal) Lukaschin half hour from Tel Aviv.

So what’s on the ladies first-

insane creatures – our guest of honor from Barcelona, ​​who does not know then you should know! Insein Richards (!!!!) is an opal fairy that blew the most bad festivals Europe has to offer. In fact, she makes a stop at the pulsa in the midst of a queue of appearances at the most prestigious festivals in the world scene.
Crichars is considered one of the leading artists in the world of trance and brings great respect to the beautiful sex and will bring to the pulsa a dark and precise musical line that will send us under the kibinimat in zigzags.

blasted bindi- AKA Moore Caminovo that will rise immediately after Insein Critters
Mor the Champion is a partner in the legendary KAMINO RECORDS from the day it was founded !! Signed by the world’s leading artists – kashik, mimic vat, arcek crazy astronaut and more and more good and familiar .. monster fucking, great honor.
Moore has been playing high-tech for the last 6 years, and recently Forrest there has released a double collection that is entirely made up of the 200 Bipam that she has played in a large number of festivals in the sand and now in our Pulsa 🙂


Reality Sky – Lynn Tubol is our beautiful sister
Lin signed in danza records a crazy label in the electronic music world.
Lynn was released from the army directly into the trance world where she started the LOLA project, the Goa Old School project with cool touches and uniqueness that only Lynn knows how to bring.
Lynn managed to go through festivals in Brazil, Tor in India and soon another line in India and not far from today she will resist the most frightening stages in the world.
In the next album Lin will play the REALITY SKY project, which is all tough and uncompromising psychedelic that will not leave anyone indifferent and fly us all to heaven.


khalisyo- Adi Zlater The Felts of the Pashtota Brix made us a funky and funky music for the morning,
Yes yes too Drakrius will be present 🙂


Venux-Knox is Lennoy Murad and she is a sister on Mela
Linoy is an artist who starts out but is very talented and has already given her the lead in a few ways and we are not happy to give a stage to novice artists and especially to beginning artists 🙂 We managed to be a significant milestone for a number of artists who started with us and took off high :))
Linoy will open the gates of the punkshine and give us a stylist set and slowly bring it up with new and interesting materials of its own – worth hearing. So Linoy is expensive, the Pulse wishes you a lot of success and we will get to hear you in Oz as soon as possible 🙂

Kojo-Kojo grew up and took off from the crowd, through the music and love of broken and special rhythms, and very surprisingly and very very much. Unlike many artists who made the same way, Alex never forgot who he is, what he is, and why he does it all.
Kojo is an integral part of the FusionCulture and recently came out with a new album worth listening to and we are not happy to host him in his modest waist with a Finnish set of nonsense and laughter in the square to raise the wav to the great areas of happiness !!


PinPin- Who does not know Finpin ??? The colored guy with the bright hats? The legendary producer of the mine was signed in the Sangoma Records and came to do something amazing and worthy of great esteem: Last February an amazing and influential musical producer in the world trance scene passed away, an amazing creator called mudule virus, which is also signed in the Sangoma Records. And always gave advice and guidance to artists from all corners of the trance world. One of his last posts 8 days before he passed away: “All I wish is to write new music” says it all.
Finn Finn will play a trio in memory of Bruno Best Passidark, whom he loved to create.

Rest in peace Bruno and sail to the Great Festival in the universe.

Techattack-Barry .. Barry a shit-breaking head boy with a scary and dark musical flavor and he belongs and an integral part of the family of the pulsa denora. At the last party he is
He flew all of us out of this ball and broke a few piques on the way 🙂 Since then he has been able to play at parties and clubs worthy of appreciation and received compliments and love after each set is a step up just to know.
At the next party, Barry will receive the night at a dark Psychedelic / Forest ceremony with a jolt accompanied by smiles and grunts in the square. Fizzy.

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