Thu 8 November 2018 | 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Exhibition for children of asylum seekers - Haalia 49, Tel Aviv,

The Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, in the framework of the Bialik Rogozin Museum for the Children of Asylum Seekers, invites you to an evening on art and psychoanalysis

17: 00-19: 00
Chanan Biran, Or Nathanieli, Hanan Sabah Teicher, Yehudit Ezra: Building a picture from a range of dreams and discovering together what dreams say about society

And 19: 15-19: 45
Shadows of Slavery in the Work of Kara Walker – Dorit Ringert: The work of Kara Walker, an American artist, is flooded with a display of flat silhouettes depicting the suffering of those condemned to slavery in the history of the American people

19: 45-20: 15
The ethical value of aesthetic education – Prof. Shai Frogel:
The importance of the artistic experience for human development and social criticism

20: 30-21: 00
A meeting between psychoanalysis and film – Dr. Orna Reuven:
Both journeys, both cinematic and psychoanalytic, begin when two have a story and she wants to tell it to someone else

Thank you to Dr. Gadi Ben-Sheffer for your connection to the project
Committee on Social Involvement, Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Waiting to see you with the museum staff

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