Mon 17 December 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Google For Startups - HaUmanim 12, Tel Aviv,

Have you ever got that feeling, whether as a product manager in your company or even as an entrepreneur, that something must change in the product?
You get red lights from the market, you feel it from your customers, but how do you do it?
Anyone who has experienced product-pivot process will definitely be able to relate those words – you better do it right!
The decision to make a pivot for your product is dramatic, acute, and requires thought, planning, and strict execution.

In this ProductTank TLV meetup, Monday, Dec 17, Michal Tsur and Uri Haramati will walk you through their own experience with pivoting their products.

They will present each of their own experience as a case study that will answer all the tough questions:
What is the natural evolution of product and business strategy?
How is the decision to pivot taken?
How do you get the essential stakeholders support?
What is a successful pivot? What metrics should you be using to measure it?

What are the pitfalls in the process?
What is the PM role in pivoting process?

You don’t want to miss this Meetup!

The agenda for this meetup:
19:00 Mingling and Munching
19:30 Michal Tsur and the stories about Cyota & Kaltura
20:00 Uri Haramati and the roller coaster of HouseParty
20:30 Re-Mingling

Michal Tsur ( is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. Michal is the Co-founder & president of ‘Kaltura’. Before establishing Kaltura, Michal was the Co-founder and Vice President of ‘Cyota’, which acquired by RSA.
Michal has a Doctoral from New York University and post-doctoral from Yale University.

Uri Haramati  is a serial entrepreneur since 2009. Uri is the Co-Founder & CEO of Torii. Before Torii, Uri was established Yevvo, who was pivoting to ‘Meerkat’ that changed to ‘Life on Air’ and in the end – ‘HouseParty’.
Uri has a BBA and graduated ‘Zell Entrepreneurship Program’ in IDC Herzliya

• Important to know: The event will be held in Hebrew

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