Sat 2 March 2019 | 2:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Tel Aviv - , Tel Aviv,

We will make sure that the rain is on its way to us and it is supposed to pass on Saturday, just to make sure we have prepared a more amazing and surprising alternative location than what we had and is even more suitable for your gorgeous fur and costumes.

** The party takes place in all weather conditions **
The forecast will clear in the coming days and we will be elected In the right location for the event.
Do not worry, we will not let any mouth pad get wet ️️

This special event with special instructions, please read the text ..

We recovered from the madness that went to our high-tech office last month and now we want to do something extraordinary .. Something different in the party scene in the city
We are thirsty to talk the true!

So we found a mad crazy space just under the nose of all of us and on Saturday afternoon 2.3 we will arrange and decorate it nicely, we will reduce the monstrous sound system that we acquired with your help and become a little mess !!

*** Attention ****
We want color !! We want madness !! We want to get excited !!
Entrance to the event with only furs and bran costumes !!

Hats, vests, googles, feathers, colors, hallucinations!
Furs !! The event is open, it is recommended to remove your furs from the closet to the boy and put
emphasis on synthetic furs, we really do not suffer the killing of other souls

this afternoon party! You will arrive early before sunset, you should
start at 14 and continue until they tell us enough …

As we mentioned, the event is open.
If we get a storm on the Shabbat we chose we will update and postpone the event a week or move to a closed place (whoever does not get along with the passage in times will get his money back)

as always a few days before the event, rely on the pillows 🙂

We are always trying to renew and get excited, the area is in the center of Tel Aviv, so if we disturb the neighbors we may have to close the party early than planned, flow with us 😘

There is also a higher level for me to thank our work ️
Number of limited tickets limited !

Ticket transfer procedure:
No tickets transfer for this event. We will be happy to cancel the ticket until the sale of omg, which will take place on Friday, 1.3 at 16:00.
Cancellation requests must be sent to the Facebook page of the cushions.

All revenues are for the benefit of our art in the desert and

we can not afford to relax! That’s how you pillow … .What did you expect?

Lovers, Thrills The

Pillow Fight Club midburn camp is off on there next journey!
Open air party in downtown TLV
Entrance to this event is by warning burner outfits or fur.

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