Thu 6 July 2017 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS


Pasaz & Saki Noir Pres. DJ FOOD (Ninja Tune, UK)
Pasaz and Saki-Noir are proud to host in Tel Aviv one of the greatest musical icons that emerged from Britain in the last half century The British Absorption Wizard – DJ Food – NINJA TUNE UK 🍊🍓🍌🍒🍐🌽🍅🍍🍉🍆🍇
The biography of DJ Food will be very difficult to put in a few lines and this is actually an almost impossible task – over 25 years, in which he dictates to the world a musical culture and shapes public opinion with the Cold Cat brothers under the legendary label Ninja Tyon: A universal cornerstone for all electronic music lovers who have signed up sound giants like Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Oizo.
He is an obsessive collector of records, comics and vintage art / science fiction, one of the most important and expensive ones from the British Kingdom. In addition to an impressive musical career, he holds the position of chief designer of the label from the early 90’s until today.
On the technical level, we are talking about a real and experienced pioneer, with over 25 years of experience around the world. A DJ from the high levels there, one that plays on 4 channels with great ease, should be noted and combines Hip-Hop with Disco, Broken-Beat with House, electronic hallucinations with earphones with punk and / or drum and bass, in style and harmony.

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