Thu 15 August 2019 | 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Aloni Yitzhak - Aloni Yitzhak , Binyamina,

After 8 years in Givat Haviva, we are very excited to announce that we are going a little bit and going to Alonei Itzhak, right next to Givat Ada and Binyamina, is a good opportunity for a start and a new adventure.

It has been twelve years that there are three days a year, which are days of together.

Osho Festival is a festival which is also a conference, is a meeting place, gathering of the company, A place to explore and observe and simultaneously celebrate and dance, a place to open up and experiment with new things,
or to remember the old, to go through the process and dive in, a good opportunity to meet yourself and those around you.

This is a space for inspiration and accumulation of new energy, an opportunity to complete gaps and hugs on the grass, or to jump into the cold water in the pool, a place to go out of the ordinary routine and float for three days in a utopian world that combines perfectly between the outside and the interior.

Between the Zorba and the Buddha.

Osho Festival Israel, which grew up to be the largest Osho festival in the world, returns for the 12th time and embarkes on a new adventure.

The excitement is great.

Short-term tickets and rooms

The ticket sale began. We open with a very limited amount of first discounted tickets at NIS 320, and they were quick to buy them. After that, the price will gradually climb to NIS 450, the earlier you buy, the more you save.

The list of instructors and artists taking part this year will be published soon … after the conclusion of the first round of sales.

The transition Aloni, Yitzhak – after three years at Pine and 8 years Givat Haviva, Osho Festival moves into a new year, just north of the village of Aloni, Yitzhak, located right next to Binyamina Givat Ada.

It is a good time to refresh everything, change, renew, advance and still maintain the essence.

We are really happy about this transition.

Second, we were informed this year that the pool at Givat Haviva will not work, we could not imagine the summer festival without a pool, there are parties and it is part of the festival. Of course, there is a very luxurious pool in Alonei Yitzhak, as well as the facilities at Alonei Yitzhak, the sleeping quarters, the halls and the atmosphere that the place produces meet our needs more precisely.

Aloni Yitzhak is a green and well-kept village located an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv, half an hour from Haifa, we have been following quite a few tours and preparations in the area, are very excited about our new break there together with everyone. Towards our new and temporary village.

The Osho Festival celebrates 12 years!

The festival, which over the years has touched and influenced the lives of many and has grown to be the largest Osho festival in the world, creates a unique situation in which for three days a whole village is built that embodies a vision of a utopian and complete life.

You are invited to three days in a colorful village and from everything you know, a village that combines a unique and powerful transpositional awareness conference for celebration and festival at the same time.

The conference, which is Osho’s annual conference in Israel, is considered by many to be the greatest spiritual teacher of the 20th century and the modern era, and one of the most influential throughout human history. He brings together all the Osho instructors in Israel to one place for 3 days, Fascinating experiences open to the general public on various topics in 10 air conditioned halls with hundreds of participants. The compounds are divided according to topics of therapy, meditation, relationships, breathing, movement, body, nutrition, treatment, development, awareness and children.

Beside all this the festival is going on.

A great musical celebration with live performances by the best artists moving from 3 stages throughout the village. Starting acoustic performances exciting mornings and noon, through parties full of groove and funk flips in the pool in the afternoon and before sunset to performances sweeping rhythms on the main stage at night, when followed, parties on the grass outdoors into the wee hours of the night.

A combination of inside and outside, between the music And quiet, between celebration and serenity, between time alone and with friends, you choose the right rhythm and dosages,

an open gathering of friends and friends of friends of friends (and a great place to know it as new) , Relaxed, happy, intimate and not mass.

The festival is held in the large green village of Alonei Itzhak, right in the backyard of Givat Ada – Binyamina, you can also find a large swimming pool, endless grass and space, quiet areas, shaded camping areas, various air conditioned rooms, An artists’ market, a colorful happening, vegetarian and vegan food, and more surprises and unexpected events.

We have worked quite a bit over the years to reach the twelfth year, the festival has been developing every year anew, we have passed through quite a few people who have passed with us countless countless moments, beautiful and unforgettable, a sea of ​​encounters, dances, significant things that people have undergone, we are very excited to continue Walk and celebrate and gather for the 12th time.

❖❖ tickets at length ❖❖

Sale of tickets for the festival is working on several early rounds.

Every round of ticket sales has a limited amount, and when they run out, they move on to the next round at which the price rises. The earlier you buy a ticket, the more money you will save. The number of tickets for the festival is limited and they run out of time. Recommend to reserve a place as soon as possible. Currently the cheapest tickets.

First Tickets – 320 NIS
Second round of tickets – 350 NIS
Third round of tickets – 380 NIS
Fourth round of tickets – 420 NIS Final
tickets for the festival – 450 NIS (if left for the box)


❖ חדרים Rooms length ❖❖

for reservations call: 052-7720200

around the village different types of rooms for 2, 3 or CC 4 people in the room. the rooms are air-conditioned and outstanding with a private shower, bed linens, and give terrific quiet corner to be there and sleep Noach.

Importantly the rooms in good condition Malo of the rooms in Givat Haviva. (no more bunk beds) clean and tidy.

❖ ❖ prices
(Per person per room for two nights)
Bed in room of 4 – 400 NIS
Bed in room of 3 – 500 NIS
Bed in double room – 750 NIS

for reservations Call or send a wattsap to: 052-7720200

This is also the information and reservations center of the festival
We are there for every question

כמה A few practical things about the tickets The

number of tickets for the festival is limited, and they always run out in advance
לאחר After the purchase you will receive an e-mail confirmation, please bring it with you הכרטיס The
card is transferable with a printed purchase confirmation and photocopy of your identity card.

❖ card can not be canceled more than 14 days after the purchase.
❖ card can not be canceled a week before the event.

❖❖ Helpers ❖❖

started registration form here >> / OshoFestHelpers12

❖ Registration The artists’ market and the treatment area will also begin soon.

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