Sat 4 May 2019 | 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv, 20 NIS

We are proud and excited to invite you to join us for drinks at a spring cultural event on the sunny roof of Abraham Hostel, an urban roof located in the heart of the Tel-Aviv art scene.

So what’s waiting for you there?

A space that connects the inside and the outside, between you and yourself and between you and others. It’s called – connection.

Photo Exhibition –

Gili Levinson is an artist and photographer. Her Work mostly deals with sexuality and gender.

“Studying gender and sexuality was always burning inside of me. The feeling of not being associated with any one of the gender dichotomies made me curious to explore and understand the non-binary gender and to see where I fit in. Through photography I studied sexuality – female and male sex organs, photographed people who (like me) identify with the non-binary gender.
Two years ago I was interested in exploring sexuality in flowers, flowers as a clear sign of nature and beauty – how sexuality and gender reflects in flowers.
I lived in New York back then and went to the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Walked into the library and began to read. After a conversation with the scientists there I realized there are many types of flowers that have both male and female reproductive structures and sex cells organs. Science defines them as ‘Perfect Flowers’״.

After seeing those perfect flowers, you can enjoy another room, which will be devoted entirely to dreams. You can ask for a dream, and who knows…
Finally, to complete the atmosphere – an open roof, a dining bar and people who love to love people.

When: Saturday 04/05, between 15:00-20:00
Abraham Hostel Rooftop (3rd Floor)
21 Levontin St., Tel-Aviv

Music: Roy Spielman
Vegan snacks: Ma’ayan Mansour
Atmosphere: YOU
Entrance: NIS 20 (pay at the door)

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