Wed 29 May 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Namal Tel Aviv - Namal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,

29.5 || 20:30 || Port of Tel Aviv Free entrance

 Free screening on a huge screen, opposite the sea and in the open air of the story of meteoric rise, the frustrating decline and surprising revival of the pioneer of the Britpop – Suede, with the absorption of bud Nachumzon from the end radio ~

~ ~ The screening is open and there is no need to register in advance! ~

19:00 »Audience Entrance
19:30» Nitzan Nachumzon’s Reception
20:30 »Screening of the film!  

From the moment it was founded, the Sweed band has been told that at some point the emotional, creative, and intellectual baggage that drives it will explode. It took 14 years, and gave birth to iconic songs and excellent albums, but even thirty years later, band members do not forget what they call “the red button that says ‘self-destruction,'” and the tremendous temptation to press it ~

In a rare film, Bert Anderson, Matt Osman, Justin Frishman, the band members and Lavinia reveal their personal relationships, the creative processes and the funny and dark materials from which one of the most intelligent, sexy and bold Britpop bands was built. 2010 and the rare recordings complete the movie into a delightful musical-human treat

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