Fri 16 November 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Artopus Collective - Simtat Beit Habad 3, Tel Aviv,


Ladies and Gentlemen! Gentlemen and Ladies! Invert!
Friday afternoon
Simtat Beit HaBad
A celebration of illustration and animation!

Under the auspices of Tel Aviv Illustration Week, we are more than proud to present:

The Other Way Around: An exhibition in Augmented Reality

What happens when a single illustration, frozen in time and space, comes into conversation with the art of animation and discovers the ability to come to life?
When the hidden truth, or the surprise double meaning, behind the illustration reveals itself?

“The Other Way Around” is an exhibition in Augmented Reality, within which animators and illustrators came together to create an artistic discourse through collaboration. The artworks, which combine illustration and animation, give the illustrations a chance to breathe and live, to move and dance in a new way – where the animation brings an inverted meaning to the one apparent in the illustration.

The exhibition will take place throughout the Rena’s House complex – in the Rena’s house hotel, Artopus Collective studio, in the yard of the Saffe cafe and in Tel Aviv’s legendary Uganda bar. Throughout the complex hidden animations in augmented reality will be waiting to be discovered (on the tables, in the staircases, even in the bathrooms). The audience is invited to seek out all the little surprises.

The illustrations are brought to life and connected to the animations through the Artivive application and the exhibition is produced in collaboration with Omanut Olamut (OMA).

Curator: Guy Hayout

רוני גריפית Roy Tsour Veksler Swan Er Guy Mofaz Ziv Sameach Julie Filipenko Yana Bukler Erez Sameach Minks Or Bar-el Page Yaniv Shimony Dor Friedrich Sarit Ben-Joseph Yuv Cohen Shachar May Mootalle’ Liat Gelerter Shlomit Avishai Gal Daniel Roni Rashkes Andy Glebovsky Roi Natan Zukerman Roy Margalit Shiri Algor Liran Lin Or Weitzman Ella Ben Yacov Ronit Zweig רונית צווייג Demitri Klayman Shira Shlez Adi Naveh Dor Pe’er Shirley Neeman

Saffe סאפה Uganda Tel Aviv Rena’s House Artopus Collective שבוע האיור 2018 | Illustration Week 2018 OMA Artivive App #bringarttolife
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