Sat 21 April 2018 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv,

What is speech? Why what. Let’s start with ‘Hello’ or ‘Hey,’ why are we nerds.
This is speech. There are also no question marks, that of nerds even at the end there is no.

Like this! Kempoker come to ruin your face with courtesy and small talk about movable luggage in a punching pass! Like this! And this time ..! With more LEDs that was a bit dark and occasionally a line … a creaking record or something.

Well, look at a second … We can write a mouth full of space instead of yes, sea times. But it will not change anything. Our father once told us that when a person tells a story and uses all his hand gestures, glorifying and glorifying, he adds and shouts, it just means that what he is trying to tell is simply … not good enough.
Because the truth is that we’re a bit afraid you’ve forgotten how fucked and fun you’ve been at the previous parties. But why? How can we forget. It was like Rasmi, how could it be?

Because you can not forget this party, how can you? Remember? When you crossed the square, and suddenly you saw him or her, and your eyes converged. And time has stopped, and techno has become jazz in the depths of your head-and Louis is accompanied by a trumpet.
When one question overwhelms you: Is it after all … Is this, she loved? Then you find out that you are not, and you stare at a bar chair with coats on it and you have to relax with the qui.
Remember? How did you do a sharp chaser that taught you how a dragon really does, and how you will never want to feel again. And then suddenly you did not see the right eye – but it is because of us, live, because we covered your right eye with your hand, we are naughty.
And when you thought it was over, a dwarf came in with a goat and ran along the plaza with her.
And remember how when the sun came up, you said hello, you kissed the chair with the coats delicately, and went outside, to breathe cool air and look at a clear sky a few minutes earlier, a sky that tells of a good night, and one never seen before. And what’s in your pocket … You’ve found two hundred shekels, too.
And this moment is not over … Wait a minute. Yes, you have Chlamydia.
All this has already happened, twice. Just saying.

We do not have to tell you to come, persuade and glorify.
But only to say,

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