Thu 19 September 2019 | 12:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Gargarin - Derech Salame 46, Tel Aviv,

Off The Record present: Cortex
New Gagarin’s Pilot

After a long period of rest, planning and quiet – we’re back.

Apparently the stars got on the scene and the cosmic balance once again prevails in the world because this event seems to have just built itself.

In this turbulent time of culture, there is nothing more exciting than seeing people who do not give up and continue to give a warm home to a real,
non-swaying, not trendy, but kicking, sharp and accurate suburb. What is a house you ask?

A home is where you get the way you are, a place where you don’t have to prove yourself, seek attention or fight for the honor.

A house is a hammock for the soul, a fertilizer for thoughts, music for the soul, where you will never get a cold shoulder.

Not for quotation but entry into the event is recommended with only comfortable shoes.

After all the introductions, we are happy to invite you to the first party at the renewed Gagrin!
That, according to all the rumors, is something we have not yet seen … And for such a special event we felt compelled to put together an even more special lineup
because after all ‘all this is fine’. Get our pilots for the first flight:
PANTOMIMAN (Looney Moon, Russia)
JUMPSTREET (Looney Moon, Switzerland)
U-Recken (Dacru, Israel)
Double REL (Doof Records, Israel)
Shesha (Enzo Records, Israel)

The event will take place on Kibbutz Street Postcards 13.
Let’s start at noon on Thursday and finish when you say.

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