Fri 19 October 2018 | 2:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Noa Dar Dance Group - Laskov 13, Tel Aviv,

“Noa Dar” is a choreographer and dancer Noa Dar is a work that must be seen, and after many years of her work, choreographer Noa Dar returns to center stage. Tal Levin, Ha’aretz newspaper

In moving NoaNoa There is a dialogue between Noa and a dancer who was 20 and 45 years ago. The mutual reflection is flooded with an initial and simple desire to move and with the movement to follow the memory embedded in the body. The act of looking at the body as an archive that holds everything that has been experienced gives rise to a search for what remains of what was, and what is, an active present in it. In the intimate space created between body and memory, the movement reverberates between the emerging, the sustaining and the diminishing.

*** At the end of the Shabbat performance – Noa will hold a conversation with the audience that will deal with the process of creation and the experiences of the show ***

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