Sat 30 September 2023 | 4:00 pm - 11:45 pm
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Before we begin it is important to note that for the upcoming event we are joined by special friends from the American side of the map, the event is happening in collaboration with Camp VIBETOPIA from Burning Man.

Already a good start

So it’s different than usual and different is Pan and because it is different and special, we felt the need to open our mouths and detail a little more than we are used to 🙂

30.9-2.10.2023 Sukkot holiday

In general, it is a three-day festival with endless art, content, workshops, stalls, hugs, kisses and that’s it.

yes yes we know where your mind is going

Let us take a moment to sort things out

We have been wandering for a year and a bit from complex to complex, from one special club here in the city to the most desert hospitality houses possible, we are a bit of a nomad you could say.

Nomads of wide spaces who love togetherness. This time we’ll take everything we know and multiply it by two, even three and four and five and six and seven, for a long time we imagined in our heads all of them together in a slightly cosmic space, settling down and starting a trip of more than a zvang and we were done.

Something deeper, that allows a moment to digest where I’ve come, settle down, have a bite of something good, say hello to the guys on the left, the guys on the right and set off with a smile.

This time all this will be contained in a mythological complex where the most special and interesting festivals in Israel took place

Shitim – Ashram in the desert

This place has a charm that cannot be found anywhere else, a smell of endless freedom and everything just looks better, sounds better and feels the best possible

Those who once visited there could testify

At sunrise something special happens there – can’t wait to see your faces when it happens, we sharpened and said that the event is not a big event – there will only be 1,000 people in the complex!

In terms of music we are going to experience everything, from the electronic family up to 140 bpm, to the new members from trance, DJs who will come overseas and live performances in between. 40 hours of music that will be spread over three days, in special spaces and completely different squares (surprise)

Throughout the event there will be a schedule of various workshops that will open for registration later – yoga, meditation, ice baths, sound healing, movement, massages of all kinds, creative workshops, lectures and much more.

If you know or you yourself think that you are suitable to deliver any content at the event – jump on it, send us an email / direct on Instagram and come take part, we will be happy 🙂

There is always room for everyone.

So there will be guest rooms as always, a shady and pleasant camping complex, secure and orderly, the possibility of renting trailers through the production (we will open the option later on the event and on Instagram) and private glamping tents.

Anyway – it’s just the time to take the camping equipment out of the warehouse, bring a mat, some lights for the atmosphere and make a kanta for all the guys. On the first night we will go through all of them and the kanta that wins the most invested kanta competition will receive 1,000 NIS in the bar. Equal.

In addition to the accommodation options, throughout the event there will be stalls and options for purchasing diverse and delicious food.

Vegan, Celiac, Fruity?

All is well, there will be something to eat

There is not too much to expand on the bar, we will just say that there will be different drink stands than usual scattered around the complex and the bar will be at friendly prices because everything is expensive in this country


Nothing to dig, as always there will be a mosh sound

We started at the last events with the thing of clothing stalls, jewelry and such and it works really well so we will continue

As usual – if you know a friend / you yourself create some kind of art and you want to set up a booth at the event send a WhatsApp

054-6514445 Dont B. Shea

An important point about tickets!
Full ticket = entry and stay for the entire duration of the festival.

One-day ticket = entry for only one day of the festival.

In addition to entry and stay, the workshops and activities that will take place during the event are also included in the price.

With all the celebrations, a special person close to our hearts celebrates 26 autumns on earth.

Call him Omar, not Livni because he doesn’t like it, it hurts him, he’s a sensitive guy.

Omer we love you king, happy birthday, plenty of blessings, plates and balloons. You are unique and special

We think it will be a pan, see you 🙂

Questions, doubts, mortgage insurance and such

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