Thu 8 November 2018 - Sat 10 November 2018 | 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Dead Sea - Massada, Massada, From 430 NIS

Three days of pure magic take place on a beautiful cliff with the outstanding view the Dead Sea.
A journey of music and dance, meditation, awareness and creativity, beautiful people and the best workshops with the greatest teachers and instructors. We are choosing carefully each and every detail specifically to create this colorful rainbow, the Nataraj Festival.

On the threshold of the Israeli autumn we unite for three days and two nights of connections.
What does is mean for us – to be connected? In our blue plant different movements occur simultaneously. On the one hand we are becoming more and more networked, cosmopolitan and limitless, we can travel without even leaving our own house. On the other hand, we are closed within ourselves, surrounded by our smartphones and digital devices. We become less and less related – with ourselves and with the surroundings.

And then came this calling – Nataraj CONNECTED – To all my relations. To connect with ourselves, with nature, with each other and to be connected with one another from the heart, from the inside. Relate and connect all our different parts and let ourselves live as much joy as possible.

This year, too, we will be accompanied by the leaders and artists of the house we all love, along with a wealth of innovations:
Freddy Margalit (Consciousness), Idit Punk (Physical Psychotherapy), Rishi (Rebearthing and body types), Shlomo Daharma (Detoxification), Galia Azran (Ayurveda), Tamar Adi (Yoga), Roni Sasson (Emotional Eating), Aya Zaken (Speed dating and relationships), Liat Deutcher (Epidemiology), Raia Erica Myrian (Superfood Raw Beauty and Cosmetics), Shahar Alush (African Dance), Playback Theater, Gilad Shimron (Emotional Orthopedics) Neta Aloni (Shamanism), Ananda Das (Laughter Yoga) Madur Triber (Magical Passes), Yuval Bentman (Breathing and Voice)

9 Gates: the Music Gate, the Dancing gate, the Body gate, the Natural gate, the Heart gate, the Relation gate, the Alternative gate, the Meditation gate, the Craft and Creation gate

And of course full music and performances:

On Thursday:
A festive opening ceremony
AnnaRF in an Electronic Ethnic Celebration

On Friday:
Agricombo – African rhythmic performance
Tribal Dance, mind-blowing experience, somewhere between show, party and a natural and exciting trance.
JonZ – a powerful folk duo wrapped in an electronic track
Shir Soffer with healing sounds
Amir Yaakobi
Noga Dunjali- stand up about life

On Saturday:
The fifth element – trans-cosmic meditation with Shlomo Dharma and DJ Nathiam Amir

What else do we have there?
Hot showers and orderly services Camping accommodation, delicious food and High Quality Chai Treatment area

430 NIS until 22/10, while stocks last
460 NIS from 23/10 to 7/11, while stocks last
NIS 485 at the festival’s box office if there’s any left (and usually they aren’t …)
NIS 160 for children ages 4-15

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