Thu 12 April 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Noor Jaffa - Ben Yair 5, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS

While all the campers are busy with fundraising parties, we know where the real money is …
We are excited and a little disgusted to invite you to the wedding of the century!
The wedding party of the Satwell and the Straight Friendly.
My big fat shitty gay WEDDING DISASTA!
Yes, yes, you have heard correctly, the system and the Straight Friendly are changing rings.
Do not tell Mom, she does not know.

*what is on the menu*

Just before the party begins, the most deranged drag show in town comes especially for the bride!
The Di family are coming to give a freak show that must be missed !!!
On the Stage: Bella Todipor // Stella Tolibor // Clythe Eastwood // The Dee Meister // Idona Samar / and Becky Mondy!

Fun stations that will make you pleasant
And of course an embarrassing wedding ceremony.
Space is a protected and pleasant space to fly high (will also be – unprotected space – for all adventurers)

*dress code*
Sexy and playful and solemnly nauseating

* Music *
Lainup Breaks Asses By:
DJ Shawn Kreiz
DJ Ron Zisman
DJ Doobo

* Alcohol *
Quality at a friendly price up to loss of consciousness (cash only)

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