Tue 25 September 2018 | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tmuna Theater - Soncino 8, Tel Aviv,

Movement, social and neuropsychological research
By Anat Katz and Erez Ma’ayan
The show operates under the tension between the demanding and multitasking claims
In each of the tasks “and the social imperative to be a perfect parent, a perfect partner,
Maintain a perfect career and be able to enjoy all of these, all at the same time
And scientific studies that prove time and time again that the human brain is not built to function
In multitasking, and eventually fail and be lost among the various tasks.
Conductors: Anat Katz / Avigail Rubin, Noa Shavit, Uri Lankinski, May Reznikov Music: Eyal Lanzini Video: Michal Hermon Costume: Aviv Carmi |
Lighting: Yoav Barel Production: Shani Sabri Video Play: Asher Ben Shalom
The project was produced with the assistance of the Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts of Tel Aviv (RA)
What they wrote about us:
… an hour of release for artists, performers and the audience, during which everything falls apart and dissolves, but the sky does not fall; We laugh and identify, and in many ways, even go out
Reinforced … Idit Suslik, the contemporary eye

… Multi, an exceptional and highly recommended viewing experience … Chen Sivan, Salona

… an unusual dance performance that brings fresh thought to it … Ruth Eshel, Haaretz

… The untrained viewers – who before the performance have discovered juggling dancers from their experience in multitasking – are now also required to understand the moves, also to succeed in following me
Performers and after performance and, in particular, enjoy. And there is plenty to enjoy.
Zvi Goren, The Stage

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