Wed 19 June 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Gan HaPisga - Kikar Kedumim, Tel Aviv,

The Calette films return to ancient Jaffa for screenings under the stars and in front of the most beautiful scenery in the city. Amphi Tirosh at the summit garden, every Wednesday from 20:30. Admission is free!

In conjunction with the third ear

★ June Winona ★
A moment before the emergence of a new season of Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder are honored to actress who defined the Nineties.
19/6 Reality Bites – Celebrating the 25 Years of the Celt of the Generation X
26/6 Beetlejuice


19/6 ★ Reality Bites (1994). Director: Ben Stiller
Lyne reveals something about her life. It is hard to be beautiful, sensitive, talented and especially over qualified … According to theses that were deeply rooted in the very fashionable book, the X generation is a biting reality trying to convey with taste, restraint and emotion the sad fate of Leyana (Vionna Ryder) Who finds no direction in life, and makes do with directing a documentary film about her beloved friends. She struggles with the neat yuppie (Ben Stiller) and the rough musician who turns out to be the most sensitive of all (Ethan Hawk with an inevitable beard that can not hide broken teeth).


26/6 ★ Beetlejus (1988). Director: Tim Burton
A horror horror comedy. A young couple who was killed in a car accident hangs in the middle between life and the dead. As ghosts, the couple wanders around in their homes in order to discover to their horror that a family of nouveau riche has moved into their house. They try to intimidate the family with typical ghost methods, but fail. They are therefore forced to hire the services of “Beetlejus” – a professional playground for the dead, a repulsive creature fed on cockroaches

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