Sat 6 October 2018 | 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
TEDER.FM - Jaffa Road, 9, Tel Aviv,

Teder and Portone are excited to present
Montereyv – a multi-participant Voodoo ceremony

★ Osmium Stage Band perform the mystical music of Montereyve ★
★ Rare appearance of Tzadik Zachariah ★
★ Visualizations and hallucinations by Majdra Eiz
★ Yael Lavi in ​​Solo Cannon at sunset
★ on the turntables – bitch> Magriso> Avi Yagil> Avigad ★

17:00 – An early performance in Nuweiba – Duo Darbuka and more – Ayalon Elikam and Yaniv Meisel in an attempt to reach complete severance from the physical environment.

Are excited to present the new Fortuna album at a festive launch event at Beit Romano – an entire Saturday of broken tribal rhythms, false representations, hypnotic synths, dim bits, space travel,

The music of Mysterev will be performed by Live Osmium Stage Band – a 16-person percussion ensemble and synthesizers that include Maya Dunitz, Shay Landa, Marky Funk, Ofer Tisser, Adir Sandwich, Amit Eliasi, Yael Lavi, Gal Eilam, Yossi Chai, Amit Stark, Eran Feller, Roy Bar Yehuda, Boaz Tok, Ofer Tal and other friends

The event will be joined by a rare performance that we have been secretly adhering to for many years – the Zorana of Jerusalem – Tzadik Zechariah

They will put records before and after – Kabalba + Magriso (Fortuna)> Avi Yagil> Avigad

Visualizations – Magdara Eiss

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