Thu 21 March 2019 | 12:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Monochrome , Skunk TLV & Rabbits In The Sand

Stephan Bodzin > Stavroz > Seth Schwarz

Given the reality of repetitive routine that tries to make us robots engineered burning desire to create in us a new alternative! A constant search for emotion gave birth to a magical and euphoric world in which all the animals of the kingdom gather together for a festival of creativity, freedom and art.

Purim – Our most colorful and colorful holiday, a holiday of freedom and joy, will take place this year on Thursday 21st March. The perfect weather calls on us to embark on a new adventure – Monochrome, Skunk and Ravits in the Sand combine and present: Anemal Kingdom!

Three animals, three stages, three groups with one vision in cooperation that we have not seen yet – are harnessed to create a new, powerful and precise world above the pre-known threshold.

The monochromatic carnival, waking from a winter coma to the annual Monochrome Purim event, the rabbits, already in high gear for their return to the battle wilderness, bring their desert world to the green grasslands and the skunks that produce tribal art and embark on an outdoor event for the first time this year.

A royal anthem would rise up in a magical and virginal park, as if it were taken from the jungle book by Cosmic Order. Start with the caressing sun and finish with the full moon.
From noon to late at night. This is all we can reveal in the meantime, more details below. Patience pays.

On Purim, love, art, creativity and content, while thinking and going down to the smallest details make up an event that is a dream. A wide range of artists that includes, among others, dear guests from

Line UP:
Sean Doron
Adir Saraga
Nadav Dagon
Ilya Margulis
Ido morali
Asaf Samuel
Juan Yarin
Naor Nurieli
Adi Ulmansky
Omer Bar
Omri Gueta
Ray Harel
Sharon Reuven
Tal Wollner
Shul Leshem & Ofer Dekel
Keren Laser



Stefan Bodzin, is undoubtedly a king who for over a decade keeps the title and is followed by fans from around the world. Budzin is among the most influential figures in the electronic world scene in a unique and charismatic live performance that is a powerful, energetic and dizzying experience that makes the listener fly to new areas.
Stefan arrives at the monochromatic stage armed with special synthesizers he builds himself and produces the unique sound that is so identified with him and burns festivals wide year after year. Stefan regularly collaborates with top-class artists such as Maceo Flex and T-Off as part of Afterlife events.

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Igesbrand and Gert, two gifted musical producers, sat in a studio in Belgium looking for a way to take their work a step further. They were joined to the studio and performed Max and Peter and created the Stabrews for the first time.
In 2011, the first EP came out and captured the listeners and music critics by storm.
World-class music blogs and magazines rated the band as one of the biggest promises in the electronic music world. The
ensemble successfully combines ethnically, acoustically, with innovative electronic music and their mesmerizing labyrinth of hearts to audiences all over the globe. Since 2011 they have been traveling nonstop between huge festivals and clubs in major cities around the world.
These four gifted musicians will land in the stage of the Skunk for a full and chilling performance – not to be missed!

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Armed with the violin comes back to us one of the most energetic and crazy artists today. With unparalleled stage charisma, Seth Virtuoso manages to give listeners an experience that is an energy explosion. Seth has won many festivals at the end of the year and is undoubtedly one of the most promising artists we’ve ever seen.
After an unforgettable set in the weeks of the Midbar and the Monochrome stage – we are happy and proud to have it again.

Entrance in costume (required) – Concept The world of the animals of the
event is limited to registered and happy members of the site.
The number of tickets is limited to confirmed invitees and prior purchase only.

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