Mon 8 April 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Mondo 2000 - Levinsky 36, Tel Aviv,

As night people there are many things that define us, the most prominent of which is adherence to tradition.
But if there is one thing that defines us better than anything, it is the pursuit of endless dramas.
We are the same people who receive messages from people with suits not only before elections but throughout the year.
On Monday, April 8, we will celebrate the traditional election eve, which comes every four years.
(Or almost always less)

But what is dramatic here?
As the democracy here looks, it is probably a party on the eve of the last elections.
We’ll celebrate King’s Day or something.
So just before anyone is chosen here to do exactly the same thing that was up until now,
We will celebrate democracy, the rule of the people.

Damos Cartos – an ancient Greek concept from the days when worshiped the gods who sat somewhere on the summit of Olympus.
So the roof is not so high, and not near Salonika, but we are right next to the Levinsky Market.
And if you drink enough and after a few drops and ascents to the fourth floor – feel that you are on Olympus.
What’s more, in our midst, man is really in the center, the expansion.
And after joking like campers without imagination and style,
We’ll tell you there’s a party.
On the eve of the elections, the night of all fools.
The occupants of an isolated island will take over the position.
Oron Kay, who is taller than Magnes, and Ofri Gopher, who is more handsome than a torch.
The Ashes – Underground – Resto – Our club wears a holiday suit and tie.

Starting at 20:00
6th floor
Services on the 4th floor
free admission

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