Thu 28 February 2019 | 11:15 pm
Zimmer - Frantzois 12, Tel Aviv,

The madness is coming to the ZIMMER.

Mirrored Lips (RUSSIA)

tractor-paced punk
galloping noise-rock
Very special guest joining the line-up on this tour date:
Ryosuke Kiyasu (JAPAN)

solo snare drum
avante garde
Lower Splendor (HAIFA)

Noise rock , post- hardcore – STRAIGHT TO YOUR FACE.

Dunam is an expirmental duo band that creates sensory flooding pictures by sound.
Aviv Stern- no-input mixer.
Dana Decktor- electric guitar and vocals.
Shemesh Bape/Sun in the mouth

It’s not about who you are rather the output by which you extend yourself to touch an other.
by sampling pieces of sound bits taken from street recordings and youtube videos of current events in the world, we manufacture a composition of sound and light which captures the moment thus creating a live act of life cinema. the texts expose deep frustration , personal and critical views on reality. i believe sound heals in different levels, so the purpose is to bring these noises of the soul out there, and transform the pain.

Fortuna – computer , mixer (which functions as an instrument) , synth and pedals
Shlomit- live video mixing with a mapping program and an analog video mixer.
Latifa Punk

Latifa Punk, israeli DJ is one of the first to push the limits of the DJ set.
Raw samples, spoken word and cross genre music melt together into something that sounds like wonderfully twisted soundtrack.
Latifah played at the pirate radio station Periscope in the late nineties.

Hillel David

Half of “Hisser” DJ/improv duo. works with local record label RA’ASH RECORDS and holds a weekly residency in Jerusalem’s Sira pub.

Heavy, repetitive, experimental.
Doors open 20:00 , 30 shekels entrance, half price on entrance and alcohol until 21:00.
First show 21:00 EXACTLY!

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