Wed 28 February 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Central Bus Station - Neve Sha'anan St 46, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

Calling all fairies, elves and magical creatures!

After New Year’s Eve mad success – Mid-Bar camp is once again about to take you on a one of a kind epic adventure. After we returned from our successful expedition in Space, we searched for a bigger and better venue to host the carnival we are planning for you all! This time we decided to take it one step forward…

In south TLV we discovered an Enchanted Forest which will open its gates for us Purim eve – the happiest and most magical holiday there is!!!

This haunted journey will be guided by 3 magnificent wizards, each one visiting from a complete alternate universe.

DJ Guy Davidov – Mainstream, House (MidBar)
All New Year’s Eve astronauts know just how powerful Guy’s spells are. Davidov will kick start our journey with a welcoming House and Mainstream set which will make all the forest pixies fly in circles and all unicorns shake their bootyyy.

DJ Jordi chu. – Techno (Shrine of the Bubble/Komorabi)
Flying in on his broomstick straight from the Komorabi, our second sorcerer of the night will lure us into a deep and mystical Techno set.

DJ Gigi – Psy (MidBar)
The wind of the small hours of the night will blow in the last spooky and most naughty elf of them all for a psychedelic witching hour finale. Arm yourself with enough forest mushrooms and fairy dust for Gigi’s dark requiem.

Just as our last edition, the bar prices are ridiculouslyyy cheap – because beligerent = Mitzvah in this holiday.
CHASER FOR 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEER FOR 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MIXED DRINK FOR 20!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont forget to bring your plastic Midburn cup!

Our forest is found deep in the maze of the new Central Bus Station – Rechov Ha’shalecet 4, TLV. We suggest taking a Sherut straight to the gates. For the comers in carriages or horses there is a free parking lot on the location.
The journey will take place between 21:00-4:00 humans time zone.

Entrance is 30 golden coins till 22:30 and 40 afterwards. Or one Dragon Egg.

*~*More Surprises*~*
All the forest creatures have gathered to create for us the most extravagant and mesmerizing celebration.
So what else is in plan?
*Enchanting video art
*Midburn style gifting
*Beautiful fairy greeters who will spread sparkles and hugs all over
*Face paint and spooky forest decor
*And many more surprises and electrifying Midburn vibes

*~*Final Words*~*
Needless to say, if Tinkerbell or Tarzan are looking quite friendly, it still doesn’t mean you can invade their personal space. Please act in a respectful manner to all the forest visitors.

The payment in the bar and entance is CASH ONLY

And ofcourse – ALL the profits will be used by the forest critters to build us the best bar on the Playa in just a few months…

So prepare your wings, horns and lanterns for a deep walk through the forest…

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