Thu 23 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Pe're - Elifelet 3, Tel Aviv,

Three women on one stage. In the mini-festival unique and the first of its kind in the new space of Tel Aviv. .E- Pe’re / Me’re
Live show vibes
Electrifying sound system
Art Stands

Triangle Lane, a new production that is all yours.

Date: 23.5
hours: Doors – 20:00, performances – 21:00


Maya Isac – Maya Izakovich
Maya Izakovich returns with a new project, a mini album containing 6 songs. The album is the result of working together with the musician and musical producer Tomer Yosef, whose artistic tatch accompanies some of the most successful albums of the past few years – Balkan Beat Box, Backyard, A-WA and more, this time he also participated in the production of composing and writing. In an intense process during which Maya and Tomer entered the studio during her visits to Israel, entire days on an emotional and artistic roller coaster of various musical worlds – the collision created a thrilling explosion that
melted the soul and melodies of Isakovitz with Yosef’s identified groove.
With the new album emerges Maya’s evolution as a creator and performer. The acoustic polycarbonate roots are still there, but in another incarnation, brave and modern, armed with electronic bites that paint dancing pop with dark, mysterious fragrance.


Abba Dasa is a singer-songwriter of the Ethiopian community, from which she draws inspiration and creates an interesting interaction between an African-ethnic groove and a real solo that penetrates deep into the hearts of listeners. Her performances reveal sharp texts in English and Amharic that touch without apologizing for love, friendship and the constant search for freedom.
Abba appears on sought-after stages in Israel and abroad, produces interesting collaborations with Israeli musicians and is in the process of producing a new album, electronic and kicking, produced by Itzik Petzache .


After two mini-albums produced by Roi Avital (Garden City Monument) and received acclaimed reviews in Israel and abroad, the musician and producer Totemo (Rotem Or) returns with the first full album, a fascinating mix of new electronic music, traditional Far East and hypnotizing voice of light. alongside the music, continues Totem invest thought and recruiting the best talent aside to create a wrapper visually tight, impressive in the form of clips are fascinating, diverse and thought-provoking.

Adi Noy
Adi is the resident of the ecliptic (the lounge Bbriikfst),
an expert holdin the right mood and make you cozy ears.
after 5 I spent years playing around the globe, Adi comes to paint a new musical world.
And no word about that which produces the films.

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