Thu 6 July 2023 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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Melvins – one of the most important alternative bands in the history of rock’n’roll is coming to Israel

Do you already feel the chills of the distortion in your body? Melvins, the legendary cult band that invented the “Seattle Sound”, is coming to one show at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv. ”

The band comes to Israel in the year that the record “Houdini” celebrates its 30th anniversary. The album, partially produced by Kurt Cobain (before he was fired by the band members due to drug use), is still considered one of the most influential albums in grunge history. “Hooch”, the song that opens the album, was chosen by the important American music magazine Pitchfork as one of the greatest songs of the nineties, of any genre.

Last August the band unannounced released their latest album for the time being, “Bad Mood Rising”, which as usual sounds unlike anything they’ve ever released (or anyone else, for that matter). Among all the hard riffs, the song Hammering stands out, which is one of the most accessible and catchy they’ve ever released.
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