Thu 8 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Rothschild Street - Rothschild, Tel Aviv,

Marching for the animals. And with us, Knesset member Mickey Haimovich will march.
Eli Avidar Tamar Zandberg and Yael Cohen Faran. A parade with no chunks and no separate banners. A parade in which all signs of all movements and associations will mix together.
A parade where everyone will play the same slogans. And the slogans will include all animal issues from industry animals in consignment clothing in circus experiments. One parade for everyone. It will be a parade for all animals. And we will all walk as one block for them.
We are all one block.
We will walk along Rothschild Boulevard to the stage
schedule parade
20:00 meet and organize
20:15 are organizing a march
20:30 start marching them
marching Sderot Herzl Rotslid seating
to the stage
at the end of March will speak
Yaron Lapidot Israel against shipments life
MK Miki Haimovitz Tamar Zandberg Yael Cohen Faran.
We are honored to be present and walk with us.

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