Thu 11 April 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv,


Mama-Sutra is an ETHNIC INDIE band from Sderot IL.
A musical and cultural mix of musicians that came together and joined forces in a place where the sea meets the desert winds.
The ensemble came to life when the members met for joint arrangements of new songs, which were also recorded live in audio and video. The responses to the video releases on social media led the radio stations to start playing these live tracks, and it was clear that a new sound was born.
Combining traditional and modern musical flavors , along with a Prosaic-poetic approach, the ensemble delivers its philosophical perceptions along with energetic vibes of sound and music.
Sutra’s singing is unique. It evokes a spiritual feel within an attitude of rock, smoothly riding this musical animal.
From the hot rhythms bursting out of Lir’s “cajunico” along with Eden’s fretless-bass deep bottom vibes , through the mystic sound of Ohad’s guitar, and up to Ahiad’s electrifying synths, this group provides interest in every aspect of their music.
Mama-Sutra is a journey towards self-awareness and human connection.

Sutra Ohad Peretz- lead vocals & guitars
Eden Shacham – fretless bass & back vocals
Ahiad Ohali – keyboards, synths & back vocals
Lir Shpigler – cjunico and percussion

A meeting place to whom desire for his/her heart to open, connect and love.
A space for workshops, lectures, concerts and more diverse events with the purpose to support love through friendship, patience and giving.
A place to open one’s heart and mind and find partners to build a better world.
An island of sanity and love in the centrum of Tel-Aviv.
Pele is being operated by dedicated volunteers who believe in love.
You are welcome to come, experience, get better and stronger, help others, get excited and just be…
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