Thu 21 March 2019 | 3:00 pm - 10:59 pm
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This upcoming Purim we invite you to a journey throughout Tel Aviv.
A 24 hours techno experience, 20 worldwide DJs and many top local artists from Tel Aviv’s electronic music kicking scene.

Lunar music playground takes place on March 21st and 22nd and divided over parallel locations:

• • • PART 1 • • •

LUNAR MAIN EVENT open air at Yarkon Park:
March 21st >> 15:00 PM – 24:00 PM

Line up for the MAIN EVENT:

• LUNAR Stage •
Sven Väth
Luciano (Official Page)
Red Axes
Eliran Osadon

• VACUUM Stage •
Hot Since 82
Ray Harel

Guy Laliberte
Monolink live
Ido Morali
Adi Shabba

• • • Dear friends please pay attention • • •
We emphasize once again that entering the nightclubs involves holding a valid ticket for the club to which you will go. An entrance ticket to the festival’s MAIN EVENT does not provide entrance to the rest of the festival’s events.

All other festival artists will be playing simultaneously in several leading venues in Tel Aviv immediately after the opening event:

• • • PART 2 • • •

LUNAR NIGHT PARTIES divided over parallel locations in Tel Aviv:
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM

• • The Block Club • •
March 21st >> 23:59 PM – 07:00 AM
The Block main room line up:
Moscoman • Guti live • Eliran Osadon • DJ Zombi B2B Yehuda Narkis
SQUAT room line up:
Marco Faraone • Julian Jeweil • Ella Gotman • Assaf Adato • E-bony
LOUNGE room line-up:
Mori Miller B2B Tal Fussman • Danny David • Ranchoo

Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X The Block

• • Breakfast club • •
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM
Main room line up:
Osúnlade • Ofri Goffer • Tor Goffer
Milk room line up:
Amir Egozy • Niv Hadas
Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X Breakfast Club

• • Aria Club • •
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM
Main room line up:
Pional Musiq • Eli Nissan • Tomer Adato
Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X Aria

• • SUB Club • •
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM
Main room line up:
Hito • Shaked Kvashna • Moshe Abutbul
Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X SUB

• • Jimmy Who Club • •
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM
Main room line up:
Eagles & Butterflies • GENISHmusic • Raul Siberdi
Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X Jimmy Who?

• • Noor Jaffa • •
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM
Main room line up:
Goldcap • HEN YANNI • Omri Guetta
Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X Noor jaffa

• • Slippers Club • •
March 21st >> 23:00 PM – 07:00 AM
Main room line up:
Baikal • Sahar Z • Ray Harel
Tickets & Info on the official event: LUNAR Festival X Slippers

• • • PART 3 • • •
LUNAR CLOSING after party in a secret location:
March 22nd >> 09:00 AM – 15:00 PM


• Single ticket for the main event – which provides entrance to the MAIN EVENT in Hayarkon Park TLV only. (The sale is open to the public)
• Single ticket to one of the night parties- which provides entrance to one of the night parties of your choice. (Sale will open soon)
• Multi ticket – which provides entrance to the MAIN EVENT in Hayarkon Park TLV + a night party of choice. (Sale will open soon)


Sven Vath

Almost no icons like Papa Sven, the man who was there at the beginning of the road and stayed for over 30 years in the front of the world techno scene. From a pop star to a promoter, from a club owner to a label owner, the man who played at street parties in Germany before the fall of the wall and on the world’s largest stage, in front of millions of people at the Berlin Love Parade . A great creator, an unrivaled DJ, the kind that DJs want to hear and learn from.. colorful, kicking and always surprising.


Addictive, mesmerizing, sorcerer, sweeping, hot and sexy.
He is the supreme ruler, the Lion King – master Luciano!
Millions admire him, worship him and have followed him through fire and water for more than 20 years all over the world and he shows them love and takes his disciples to a spiritual experience.

Vagabonds has been considered for years as the best events in the Spanish party island and a set of Luciano is a unique experience dripping with groove and joy, the material which dreams are made of.
!Come and experience Luciano at Sunset


When you talk about Dubfire you immediately think about the super pair: Deep-Dish.
He is the directed hand in his label SCI + TEC, the man who signed the first release on the top label Loco Dice, Desolat, numerous releases in every possible techno label and collaborates in the studio with anyone who is something in the techno world.

Hot Since 82

The man who heads the Labyrinth, the knotty label, Knee Deep In Sound
and behind the concept Taken – an entrance ticket to a “kidnapping” with all that entails, including blindfolded eyes and a ride to the unknown under real conditions, but at the end of the trip you get to a crazy party!



“Let yourself go” is the motto of Vivie-ann and Anastasia..
The flower girls are already shamanic themselves. In the last two years, their “A B R A C A D A B R A” events has become one of the most exquisite events in the world.
They foster fantasy, romantic psychedelics, cosmic escapism & good vibes.
Blond:sh are the most refreshing thing happening between the sands of Nevada to Mexico’s mezcal and the azure beaches of Ibiza.


Baikal, mano le tough’s partner in the label Maeve, became one of Berlin’s best-kept secrets with deep and particularly addictive sets.


One of the most successful and beloved artists in the electronic scene that came from Israel, returns with a rich and varied Dj set. From the exciting melodic to the penetrating desert sounds Chaim’s sets connects the earth, wind & fire, body and soul. In his sets he creates a mosaic, tapestry of organic and analog .sounds that take the dance floor deep in and high to .the sky
Other than playing in the most important stages in the world, whether in clubs or festivals, Chaim is currently working on a new and mysterious label as some of the tracks are already being played by the most
.significant dj’s in the world


Straight from Los Angeles comes Chris Barrett, the British producer that emerged out in the last two years. With a wide range of electronic sound – from Madon-Tempo Techno to a hollow obsession, he releases original pieces in labels such as the prestigious Innervisions, Exit S, and his own independent label


One of the prophets of the new, low, caressing and hypnotic sounds is coming to Israel for the first time!
The extraordinary mixture/fusion of traditional Indian music, middle eastern, African and electronic sounds has earned him fans all over the world…

Guti – Live

Pianist, virtuoso, rock star and Latin lover who became a star in the skies of Ibiza, is breaking conventions. He is the jewel in the Desolat family of Loco Dice, along with his own label, sound and collaborations with the greatest … from Luciano to the Martinez.

Guy Laliberte

The man behind Cirque du Soleil, and also one of the favorite DJs in the Burners community… This will be his first gig in Israel!


Do not let her smile and her delicate kimono mislead you, Hito is a DJ who does not take prisoners.

Few are the DJs who are just enough DJs to make it to the top and stay there, but Japanese Hito that was exposed to the world by Richie Hawtin in his ‘Enter’ project in Ibiza is surely one of them.With uncompromising techno-selection and futuristic groove, Hito dominates the dance floor.


Julian Jeweil

After releasing tracks that were imprinted with the best techno labels, such as Richie Hawtin’s Minus, Pig and Dan and the Poppof’s form, the French techno prince got to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label last year.
As a part of launching his new album, Jeweil is coming for a visit in Israel.

Marco faraone

A representative of the new generation of Drumcode and Italy is coming to Israel for the first
time to show us the future of Italian techno.
He is Marco Carola’s Music On resident with releases on Drumcode , Ovum, Be As One, Desolat, Moon Harbor and there’s no better time to catch him than now!

Monolink – Live

The connection between Monolink’s caressing poetry and desert sounds turned him into a star in a moment.
There’s not many artists who manage to stir and walk on the thin line of organic hypnosis that meets the body, stimulates the brain and inflames the soul.


DJ, producer and label boss of Disco Halal.
The Israeli who signed recently in Salomun’s dynamic including a new and exciting IP, and has exposed to the world names like Simple Symmetry and The Organism.
Regular guest at Life and Death parties of DJ Tennis, DC 10 and Panorama Bar in Berlin


Do not call him an American and do not call him an African, actually do not call him at all… he’ll find his way to you. Osunlade is a priest, a healer, a man of the past, the present and the future … the chief of the tribe.
House with soul, pianos with roots, electronic jazz and groove that exists in the core of the earth >>


Pional began his musical career as John Talbot’s partner in the Catalan superstar masterpiece of 2012 and continued with a tour that entered the list of the best Resident Advisor. Along with equally famous members called the ” xx”, he is now considered as one of the most important voices that the Spanish scene has developed in recently.

Red Axes

Two Friends, psychedelic machines, with an unconditional passion for music, sound and motion. A Deep organic build up which started in 2010, in the basements of Amsterdam and the streets of Tel Aviv, originated in a post-punk band called “Red Cotton” that metamorphosed later into Red Axes.
After redefining the sounds of Tel Aviv and bringing a new wave of crazy electronics to the world, Red Axes will be playing on the main stage in “Lunar/ The Tripping” for the first time!

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