Fri 15 February 2019 | 12:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Abraxas - Lillenblum 40, Tel Aviv, FREE

Love Boat ~ Post-Valentine’s Day at Abrexas
15.2 ~ Friday afternoon ~ from 13:00 ~ Free

After Valentine’s Day, we are here to collect the pieces. On Friday, February 15, starting at 13:00, we will celebrate the luncheon of lovers and singles! – A love ship with an exhibition of “Aite Pizzas”, the sale of handmade pralines by Yaara Milgram Spector for addicts, recycled greeting cards by Rumi Peaks for romanticists, environmentalists, molded flowers for you and a sweet tonic under the auspices of Diwan Sound System!

A little about 8phases ~ A visual artist dealing with colorful aesthetics and illustrations. Stick & Fock Sticker. He creates and produces music, graphic art and video. Will present at the event a series of paintings framed for sale in the spirit of the Valentines + far-reaching video art!

Lilienblum 40 ~ Tel Aviv
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