Tue 19 February 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Brodt Tel Aviv - Zeitlin 22, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

Festival of Poetry Time Tel Aviv
Longing for Yerushalem!
Gili Yalo hosts Alma Zohar
A journey to know the prayers and chants of Ethiopian Jewry for 2,000 years.
A personal performance based on research conducted by the singer and the creator, Gili Yalo with his parents and the kaises, rabbis of the Ethiopian community.
Includes the translation of ancient prayers from the Ethiopian holy language into Hebrew.
The show features songs of a spiritual nature alongside the sold Ethiopian grove.
Gili Yalu interweaves the story of his life from Ethiopia, the journey in the desert of Sudan, until the rescue of the Mossad and the air force, while the story of the sacrifice of Ethiopian Jews on their journey to Zion and Yerushalem, whose rivers are milk and fruit.

Guest: Alma Zohar. The singer and creator, whose first album, captured the audience and the playlist overnight, and won her the title of singer and discovery of the year.

Singing by Gili Yalo Drums – Jonathan Gitelman Bassem – Amir Sadot Guitar by Ilan Smilan Trumpet – Sefi Cizling Keyboards – Noam Habaki

19.2.2019 Tuesday 14 Adar Alef
Start of performance: 21:00

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