Mon 2 September 2019 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Kanta Bar - Ibn Gvirol 71, Tel Aviv,

Lonely Peleg: The Story of a Wanderer 150 Countries / 15 Years on the Road.
Everyone asks me what am I running away from !!? “I’m not running away I’m looking for, I answered them …”

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I chose to live my life a different way, without a home, a permanent job, a car or a university degree. I got my education on the go and my inspiration I get from the people along the way.

Today, after 15 years on the road and 150 countries, Lonely Peleg is the largest travel blog in Israel with more than 140,000 followers on social networks and the establishment of social projects around the world.

A lot of people were asking how do I do this? How do I travel the world with almost no money? How do i get on What is my property? What do i live for And why am I doing this ???

To answer all these questions, there are a number of things that need to be understood beforeā€¦

What is a home?
What is real freedom?
What is happiness and how can it be found?
Why are we afraid to do new things?
Why is it so important to volunteer?
Why is it important to do what we love?

And of course insights, stories, pictures and videos from the last few years on the road …

my lecture I start with the phrase “Everything is possible, there is nothing impossible!”

When people ask me what I want? I answer “I lecture on how to make a dream a reality.”

Thinking outside the box, dealing with new situations, getting out of our comfortable area to develop, coping with fears and mostly just doing what we love!

I almost lost my life more than once, I contracted severe malaria, dengue fever and stomachaches, stopped in West Africa, lived in the most difficult and dangerous slums in the Philippines, crossed Siberia, climbed volcanoes, hitchhiked Africa on trucks, lived among the Mongolian tribes, I helped build an elementary school in West Africa, volunteered with Jewish refugees during the war in Ukraine, Brazil I moved to Pabella to build an ecological park and lots of other experiences and stories that will set your imagination.

I invite you to a fascinating and exciting lecture that will make you want to get out of the box!
Lonely Peleg – The Story of a Tramp.

18:45 Opening doors // 19:30 Lecture start

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