Wed 19 December 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Cafe Shapira - Ralbag 15, Tel Aviv,

On Wednesday, December 19, we will be screening a film documentary about Neve Tirza Prison, the only women’s prison in the State of Israel. The film brings a rare glimpse into the lives of three young women prisoners during their first incarceration in prison.

The film has been shown in many festivals, and now it is coming to us in the neighborhood cinema in Shapira!

Link to watch the trailer –

After the film there will be an open discussion with the director, Liat Mer, and with Sean Benishti, one of the film’s protagonists, a liberated prisoner with a unique story.

where and when?
19.12, Wednesday, Shapira Café, Ralbag 15 Tel Aviv.
20:00 – Gathering
20:30 – Beginners

** It is highly recommended to wear warm clothes, even blankets **

Full abstract and credits:
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Attempted murder, stabbing with a serrated knife, seduction for the purpose of assault and robbery – for the reasons why the three young women who were being watched by the film had
no meaning when the iron gate closed behind them. From that moment, Maria, Sean and Nariman, who are serving time in Neve Tirza Prison, struggle like the rest of the other 200 prisoners to spend only another day in prison.

Director Liat Mer followed the three young women for two years in order to understand what mental strength they are required of – Maria, a beautiful young woman who raises her baby son in prison and seeks to give him a normal environment as possible and to form a new identity for herself as “mother” – an energetic and restless young woman whose sexual identity is still obscure and Nariman – a beautiful young Arab woman with nothing but her seductive power. The three deal with the harsh and uncompromising framework of the prison, with the harsh deeds they have committed in the past and with the violent nature that they have adopted outside their walls.

Israel, 2013, 56 min.

Producer – Anat Kandel.
Production Company – Single Lantern Productions.
Screenplay – Liat Mer, Hila Yitzhaki.
Directed by Liat Mer.
Photography – Roy Roth.
Editing – Hila Yitzhaki.
Distributor – Channel 8.
Awards – Golden Castle Award for Best Film at the Off Cinema Festival in Poland.

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