Sun 26 May 2019 | 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Zappa Tel Aviv - Raul Wallenberg 24, Tel Aviv,

A festive album launch
Zappa Tel Aviv
Opening doors
The show starts at 22:00
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Liron Ben Shimon, one of the most intriguing composers in Israeli music
Zapa Tel Aviv is coming to launch a new album, produced by the producers’ dream team (Zach Drori, Ariel Tuchman, Guy Mozes, and Olswanger)
Liron wrote and composed songs for Yishai Levi, Zehava Ben, Haultras, Shir Levy,
Arik Sinai and others, and won the ACUM Prize for Encouragement of Creativity.
The new album is a refreshing fusion of Liron’s musical influences – a combination of East and West, rock, pop and fluttering electronics.
Two singles have already been released to the media from the new album,
And entered into Galgalatz’s playlists, Here Gimmel, Radius, Jerusalem Radio, Best Spotify
Of 2018 Brooke and Indy, Apple Music and more ..

Soon the names of the special guests will be revealed 🙂

Musical production: Nofar Betzon
Guitars: Maor Weisel, Guitars and Camcha-Nissan Ventura
Bass: Assaf Somech, keyboards and computer: Nir Blum, drums: Shlomi Oron

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