Sun 12 January 2020 | 10:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Herzl Street 16 - Herzl 16, Tel Aviv,

Or Chadim Celebrates 30 Herzl 16

Or Chadim was founded in 1989 by Ronen Ben Tal (Jean Conflict), Efrat (The Click), Jean Jacques Goldberg (The Click) and Uncle Levy (The Marginal Youth).

The band recorded two songs, “Into My Mind” and “Go From Here,” for “Folders” – a solo album by Ronen Ben Tal, which coordinated songs from a number of ensembles he was a member of in the 1980s and introduced to the audience his new band – “Or as Demons.”

In 1991, the band released their first full album – “One to One.”

The band operated from 1989-1992 and was one of the prominent rock bands of the era.

In 2009, the band reunited on a special evening held in Barbi in memory of Jean-Jacques Goldberg as he took his place on the drums playing Nir Mansour. Following the crowd’s reaction, the band returned to activity and released, over the past decade, four albums,

In December 2019, the band released their new album – “Dov and Rabb” from which they released the singles “Dov and Rabb” and “Wind Up”.

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