Mon 13 August 2018 | 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Maze 9 - Maze 9, Tel Aviv,

Mazeh 9 and Shvili Ofek are proud to present:
Life itself – Finances!

Due to the high demand, we opened another course that will make you order in your head and wallet.

* Please note – the course is an ongoing course of 4 sessions, each session consists of two lectures (except for the last one). Registration is for all meetings together, you can not reach one meeting only **

What will happen in the course:
Banks and Mortgages // Avi Spitzer
In the lecture we will review the world of finance and banking, bank account management, interest and index commissions, credit and loans, mortgage process. Avi Spitzer is a mortgage advisor and manager of Leumi Mortgage in the former Jerusalem District

Insurance and Pensions
In the lecture we will learn how companies and insurance agents work. Insurance as part of our home interface, elementary insurance – apartment and vehicle, life insurance – health, nursing care, pension, warnings and tips in the field. Itai is an agent and managing partner at Sukkot Insurance.

18:00 – Employee Relations // Nahmani Levy
Providing explanations and tips for extracting rights in the labor market. From the process of searching and getting to work, through our wage components, income taxes, pay slip readings, current terms of employment and tips to end the deal.

19:30 – Savings and Investments / Shai Madmoni
Market Overview, Why is it important to save? Sources of savings and explanation of a variety of investment channels, basic investment portfolio principles, products in the market that need to be recognized, monitoring and management of savings plans, tips and recommendations in the field.

18:00 – Management of a household // Amir First
Who needs to run a household? An overview of the situation in Israel, a process and a correct management pictogram (the five-step approach), and finally tips and points of interest.

19:30 – Buying an apartment / Idan Ben Shimon
Preliminary stages before buying an apartment, the search process and a brief explanation of the market, differences between apartment and contractor to second hand apartment, mortgage as part of the apartment, negotiations in process, real estate taxation, signing of contract and material clauses.

03/09 – Round tables and summary
Personal meetings with the best financial experts. In the course of the meetings, the members of the course will be able to consult individually about the economic issues that concern them, will be able to bring personal documents that they wish to deal with (salary / pension slips, invoices etc.)

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