Mon 16 September 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Duplex Club - 10 HaShakh Street, Tel Aviv,

This is a five for a start on what this is about, we will not understand we will not know very carefully, as with a retreat we decided that two is a wonderful day to celebrate beads is not us then enough and so what would you ask? Excellent! Good thing you asked. To them, surprise! Like erectile dysfunction at the age of 13. Like Felitz suspects his wetness. Like a model starting with you in Thailand … Watch for surprises! Maybe it’s a disco party? Maybe this is a huge surprise party for someone specific? Will there be a clown?!? Pie?! And maybe this is one huge troll and nothing will? Oh the possibilities … And now you have to wonder and we smile in the bastards and buzzing, buzzing and humming.

Well good, some details anyway
* 3 broad. More than 1 artist will fly you under !!!
* 94 performers will come to do nothing.
* Caressing petting corner (goat and rabbit puppies, such ..)
* Shocking gritters will help you understand something about
* Condoms and cones for cockroaches
* Cute gifting for less cockroaches
* Dress code – clothes? Come on, it’s fucking fun! all in balls out!

More details, maybe, soon 🙂

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