Sun 22 December 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Inta Lounge Bar - Ben Zvi 5, Tel Aviv,

On Sunday, December 22, Inta Bar will meet at 19:00 for a lecture on the political aspects of mental health care.

Gita Kiefer, who has a Master of Clinical and Doctoral Psychology in Politics and Government, invites you to hear how social and professional power relationships shape institutions, therapeutic relationships, and clients in therapy.
In the lecture:
* We will look at the ways in which social power relations are reflected and preserved in therapeutic institutions, and how intra-professional power relationships shape the training and development system of therapeutic theory and practice.
* Examine which relationships are formed in the treatment room, and how do professional and social power relationships influence and shape them?
* Let us look at the ways in which therapeutic structure and practice shape us as patients and patients, and we will address the question – which of the women does mental health care make us?
Finally, we will look at how the field of mental health affects and shapes society.

Admission is free, come in hordes!

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