Mon 26 November 2018 | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Google For Startups - HaUmanim 12, Tel Aviv,

About the lecture:
In the upcoming lecture, we will learn what our body language is and how to communicate effective messages. We will talk about the elements needed for effective messaging. It is possible to emphasize body language because it has the most crucial weight in communication. We will connect specifically to meeting audiences and media at different levels, whether it is in large stage presentations, one-on-one talks or limited meetings. We will understand what happens in our interactions with other people when we communicate with them and why effective messaging is important to our personal progress. We will address the emotional issues that are at the root of our consciousness and can have a dramatic impact on our internal discourse as well as on the way we communicate with our environment and especially on the body language we present.

About the lecturer:
Orly Schwartz, CEO of Impact Consulting and Personal and Business Development Consultant for people and businesses since 2009.
Orly is an expert in communications with an emphasis on communications in the business arena.
Advises businesses in digital marketing – visual content productions, content writing, characterization, setting up and promoting digital assets.
A champion in mapping and guiding winning strategies in the business, professional and personal spheres. As part of her work she also lectures on issues such as impact and motivation, image and branding, marketing, sales, media appearances, body language, messaging and negotiation.

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