Tue 12 February 2019 - Sat 16 February 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Kuli Alma - Mikve Yisrael 10, Tel Aviv,

Okay, let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day, whoever there is a partner, whoever does not, does not matter, it never comes on a good time. It’s like the middle of the week, the workplace does not recognize it, and it’s a pity, because if you don’t make time for Valentine’s Day, then your partner thinks you don’t care, and that leads to a crisis and anger.
No, it’s not. No one cares about Valentine, but we do care about the opportunity for love. So Kuli Alma is having five days of Valentine’s Day! five days! So you can celebrate love whenever you want! And kisses. Kissing is fun.
What will be in Kuli Valentines? A lot of love and parties. Tuesday till Saturday 12-16.2 with lots of shows and parties with three dance zones!

Line up:

SHOW Dirty Fly ● Kuli Alma ● 12/2
DJ Erez Todres

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

SHOW Highway Superstar
DJ Amir Pe’er

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

ZONE 1: Tova Swed + Ori Shochat
ZONE 2: Gili Eliash + Haim Vitali De-Coen

Doors 20:00

ZONE 1: Adi Noy + Moshik Ben Zohar
ZONE 2: Oron Kanelshtein + Dan Orbach

Doors 21:00

SHOW כרקוקלי – Carakukly
ZONE 1: KID KOKO + Barak Almagor
ZONE 2: Lior Ben Horin

Doors 21:00
Show 22:30

Free Entrance!

Video: Tomer Ferlandes

Let’s love!

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