Wed 18 July 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Beit HaPsanter - Allenby 99, Tel Aviv,

New music from the Black Continent, dancers of all colors, a party that lasted until the white hours. That’s what happened on the first evening. And now get ready for Evening # 2
We will gather again at the piano house, Shiwa Biwa and Ada-Ma will be responsible for rocking the hips and buttocks with many other styles that the body is just waiting to experience: Afro House, Aprovets and Nieja, Kuduro. Sudoku (just, not really).
We are trying to bring new news to this city, African music has been playing around the world for years and occupying the dance floors. We’ll start playing at nine in the evening for the early ones, we’ll finish – God only knows when.

In addition, Pop Up of Toxic Summer Pop Up
Pop full of style in the piano house loads of colorful accessories, retro glasses, magical puzzles and more.

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