Mon 22 April 2024 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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JTLV invites you to Seder Night Dinner,
A truly special & transformative experience…

This Seder celebrate the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt and prepare yourself for an evening of spiritual reflection and growth, as we connect with our past and look forward to the future.

Join JTLV and our international community for a truly mystical evening led by Rabbi Avi & Leah Hill and embark on a spiritual seder experience truly understanding and connecting to the deeper meaning of our rituals and traditions.

A Freedom Kit will be provided with everything you need for this divine night. This includes:
Thee course catered meal 🍽
Delicious Wine🍷
Matza 🫓
Your own English/Hebrew Hagadah, Seder Simanim 🥬
And all other are essential components to guide you through the various stages of the evening

Here is your chance to reflect on your own personal journey towards freedom and growth, and to connect with the larger Jewish community as we celebrate together.

When: Monday, 22nd of April

6:53PM Candle Lighting
8:00PM Seder🍸🍷

Where: Allenby 22, Tel Aviv

Get your TICKETS!

BIT 058 565 1472
Subsides available upon request!

Please get tickets early as there are Limited Seats!

More Info: 058 782 2990

About JTLV

JTLV is your new home away from home. JTLV is where like-minded young professional in Tel Aviv are able to connect not only in educational settings, but in social settings too. We aim to reach out, connect, and inspire Tel Avivi’s through thought provoking experiences, all the while making spirituality relatable. Friday night dinners, trips abroad, parties and life coaching will all be part of the social and educational world of JTLV.
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