Thu 19 September 2019 - Sat 21 September 2019 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Ashram Desert - Shitim, Negev,

“The Journey to the Heart – Opening to Love”
with Deesha
19-21 September
Desert Ashram

You are invited with love for a journey of 3 days, where we put our heads aside and take our heart out for a vacation in the beautiful desert.
We will learn to release everything that stands between us and love and closeness in our lives, whether it is mental or physical stress, emotions, beliefs and connect ourselves to self love and love for others.

In the workshop we will experience and learn powerful tools from the world of therapy and meditation, bioenergy and breathing – and reconnect to the inherent power in the connection to our body and the wisdom of the heart. This wisdom, which even scientific studies begin to prove its existence, knows how to restore order, solve the challenges of our lives with the wisdom of the right brain.

A transformative and life changing workshop that has been running for decades in various countries around the world, enables each participant to connect to the simplicity of his heart, his inner quiet, his strength and wisdom.

The heart is the place to begin the journey. The head, however important, can not take us into our being. The heart knows the next step, the heart knows the way to our truth.

In this workshop we will put our chattering heads aside and learn to connect to the inner peace of the heart. We will learn to listen to our hearts and the special way in which it speaks to us. It’s wisdom allows the magic of healing a broken heart, physical pain, things that do not work in our lives the way we want them to.

The head will not always like it because it is used to solving challenges, but the special being and softness of the heart, can heal and bring about change in a different way. Love is the most healing force on earth, something that can only be verified at the level of experience. If we know how to bring love and acceptance to the challenges of our lives, we can make alchemy in them – real transformation.

With powerful and verified tools from the world of bioenergy, movement, breathing, healing, active and quiet meditations, Gestalt, therapeutic painting, writing and more, we will connect to the power of our body, the wisdom of the heart. We will release emotional and physical stress, pent up energy, feelings, and everything that is between us and being loving ourselves and others, everything that prevents us being fully alive.

This meaningful workshop can be a significant step towards deeper inner connection, an opportunity to explore inner longing, or a significant step to deepen into the personal process.

In a safe and pleasant atmosphere, in the enchanting environment of the desert with its fresh air and wonderful views we will take our heart out for a real vacation and learn how to fill ourselves with love for ourselves, love for others, unconditional love without cause and, and how this love creates closeness in our lives – to ourselves and others. This is the alchemy of love, that can bring a real transformation to our lives.

For more details and registration:

Deesha – 054-4693-125 |

The workshop is suitable for both singles and couples who want to explore love, self love and closeness, and everything that stops this love flow freely.

“Love is the goal, life is the journey.”, OSHO
The price includes two full-board nights with 3 vegetarian meals a day,
Early bird price for participants (up to 3/9/2019): In a shared room: NIS 1290. Camping: NIS 1170
Regular price: NIS 1390 in a shared room. Camping: NIS 1270.
Prices are for accommodation in a shared room, private rooms are available at an additional charge.

Participants in workshops share:

“I did the heart workshop with Deesha, and it was a significant step in my way. Remember the feeling of how it opened my heart. Within a short time I began to feel a deep experience of the self, a very deep connection into some kind of inner being … This is surprising and exciting, a meaningful step. The most significant to me was that after the workshop it was very easy for me to give up smoking completely. And the senses opened up too, a kind of expansion, for example, my sense of taste has opened and the pear I ate suddenly had a divine taste. I love the meditation of the heart that we have learned and continue to practice, what magic it is! Thank you very much Deesha was very significant to me and I feel that magic happened and continues to happen to me! ”
Ronnie, 52

“What and empowering and liberating experience this was. How glad I am I came. I understood that the body holds trauma, stays alert and guarded, and through movement and meditations this be released from the body, right through the physical body, emotions are also released. I also liked that it was in a group, there was something in this togetherness- to show vulnerability – something that connects me to others. I feel energetic cleansing, very deep release and very deep connection to my heart. I feel that I have discovered something very powerful and new about myself. ”
Lior, 42
“My beloved Deesha , last night when I was on a trip in the desert at night, I looked at the stars, and I remembered how much I learned from you and the workshop, to listen to the heart, to know how to speak from it, to feel it, to follow its path, to connect with the third eye, I remember that and how much I’ve learned since then and I even told a good friend who was walking with me that he was amazed that you could listen to the heart (: Thank you ”
Hadar, 23

“My beloved Deesha, the journey with you was very meaningful to me for a very long and important chapter in my life. In the vortex of feelings, thoughts and lack of connection to myself, despite all my attempts to reconnect, I finally found in your workshops a possibility to reconnect with myself. I found a place to see and deal with all sides of me that I tried to ignore. My discomfort with myself, sadness, anger, love and self compassion – not from giving up on them, but from the simple understanding of my humanity.
You have accompanied me through all these processes that have created many more insights and understandings along the way. In your simple, loving and motherly way, you showed me that everything was fine, that there was room for all my demons and fairies. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the journey I went through with you ”
Shelley, 30

For more details and registration:

Deesha – 054-4693-125 |
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