Wed 31 May 2017 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Casino San Remo - Nehama 2, Tel Aviv, FREE


Live broadcast from the Gesher Theatre Plaza

Open to the public – all welcome to join the conversation.

Premiere at the Gesher International Festival 2017
In collaboration with Casino San Remo Cafe

Talks with intellectuals, artists and researchers regarding the most important city in the central region of Israel, the home port, the old city which gave birth to Tel Aviv; the shared and shattered city, heart of the avant-garde and the progressive culture of tomorrow. 4000 years after the first Canaanite port and a moment before the operation of the light rail, we shall contemplate Jaffa together with our guests, in open air, with music and an open mic for the public – who is Jaffa, what do we know about her, what does she feel like and what does she want to become.

Live broadcast on the Gesher Theatre Facebook page.

Host: Omer Krieger, Artist and Curator, based in Jaffa.

Among the participants: Sami Abu Shehadeh, Ihab balha, Ali Waked, Neta Weiner, Maysaloun Hamoud, Daniel Monterescu, Rajaa Natour, Sharon Rotbard, Moran Shuv, Tsur Shezaf, Ophir Toubul.

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